Week Eighteen – David’s Father, I Wish that I Had Duck Feet and The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor


                                         My demonstrated devotion to Berenstain Bears

If you’ve read my About section, it says I started this project 25 weeks before my 25th birthday. White lie – it was 24 weeks. Then somewhere along the way I missed a week in hubbub of summer. So this week is a three-for-one deal with some classic children’s authors.

David’s Father by Robert Munsch

“Well David, you do have a very nice father after all, but he is still kind of scary.”

I actually planned to do a different Robert Munsch book (Something Good, also delightful) when this caught my eye at the bookstore and I reached for it instead. If I was to recap David’s Father in a dramatic fashion it would be something like “Despite horrifying circumstances, Julie forms an unlikely friendship with David – only to have what she fears the most become her saviour.”

Really it’s about a kid with a giant for a father and a delicious meal of cheeseburgers and milkshakes. Seriously I think the sole reason I loved this book was the picture of a giant milkshake and cheeseburger meal. I don’t understand how a cartoon milkshake can look SO GOOD.

 I Wish that I Had Duck Feet by Theo. LeSieg

“I wish that I had duck feet. And I can tell you why. You can splash around in duck feet. You don’t have to keep them dry.”

I wrote that quote down without even referencing the book, because it’s a refrain that to this day plays over and over in my head on occasion.

Also, tricked ya! You thought this book was by Theo. LeSieg but it’s actually by Theodor Geisel who is actually Dr. Seuss. So maybe I didn’t trick you, but did you know that Dr. Seuss authored political cartoons during the Second World War, and also wrote an adult book called The Seven Lady Godivas featuring illustrated nude women?  I like to think this blog is educational.

Anyway, this book is about a nameless boy who dreams up all these features he would like to have – duck feet, elephant nose, antlers, tiger tail – but ultimately realizes the problems associated with all of them “and that is why, I think that I, just wish to be like ME.”

The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor by Stan & Jan Berenstain

“Dr. Grizzly was friendly, but she got right down to work.”

For a good chunk of my childhood, I wanted to be a doctor and I attribute that at least partially to this book. I have no idea how a book about a doctor’s appointment can be so enthralling but this was a frequent read for me.

I don’t recall using it to quell my fears about the doctor. My biggest memory related to shots is getting little rubber dinosaurs and/or suckers after, which seemed like a fair trade-off. Somehow though I grew into a fear of needles instead of out of one and now the thought of any needle makes me queasy, or in some embarrassing circumstances, unconscious. Maybe I wasn’t scared of shots as a kid BECAUSE of this book and I should read it now before any injection!

Also can we talk about what a sweet car the Berenstain Bears have? And one last point – apparently Dr. Grizzly’s first name is Gert, which I just noticed, and was also my grandma’s name. Mom, I know you read my blog every week, did you know that and I just don’t remember that fact from childhood or is this new information?

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